Downtown Sunday Markets ~ Artisans, Crafters and Vendors Wanted!!



161 Raglan St. South

Renfrew, ON K7V 1R2

Sunday Market Vendor Application

2019 Season


 “Market Vendor” the owner of the business (farm, business, home-based business) who is growing, producing or creating all of the items being offered for sale at the Downtown Renfrew Sunday Market.

 “Farm Vendor” means a rural farm area with a barn, silo, fields, etc., with a full-time farmer; a hobby farm in a rural area with fields and a part-time farmer or a producer who grows only local produce on their own property or a common or community garden area.


 One selling area is defined as a 10 ft stall.  If you will need a second 10ft stall there is no charge; but you must let us know so space is allowed for it. 

 All items being sold must be listed on application; any additional items must be approved by Market Committee.


 The Downtown Renfrew Sunday Market fee entitles each vendor a space sell their products for one market season, from May 26th until Thanksgiving weekend.

 The fee for the 2019 season is $75.00, early bird special until June 1st is $65.00. 

 ** Please do not send payment with application, if you are approved by the committee then you will be contacted for payment and to choose your location for the year.


 The Downtown Sunday Markets will run each Sunday from 10am-4pm beginning the 26th of May and running up to and including Thanksgiving weekend.

 Vendor locations will be assigned on a yearly basis and reassessed each year going forward.

 All products must be fresh or new and be of market value.  A good rule to follow – If you wouldn’t buy it for yourself then don’t try to sell to someone else.

 All prepared products such as baking, preserves must have their products labelled with all ingredients, name and phone number.  This is a federal health rule.  This is for your protection and that of the market and it allows customers to know who to return product to or to purchase more if they like your product.

All Products must follow local, provincial and federal regulations.

 Vendors cannot use signage or say that a product is “gluten-free” or “organic” unless they have a copy of a certificate that permits them to.

 Each vendor is responsible for the clean-up of his/her stall area at the end of each selling day. 

 Vendors’ Code of Ethical Practices:

 Our goal is to create a positive, safe, secure and enjoyable atmosphere that encourages people to come and visit and discover what Renfrew has to offer.

  1. Conduct oneself in a courteous and respectful manner towards customers and all market participants.

  2. Refrain from using language or behavior that is offensive, threatening or intimidating to others.

  3. Refrain from smoking in and around the stall areas.

  4. Refrain from any slanderous, libelous actions against the Downtown Renfrew Sunday Market, committee member, individual operators, individual vendors and the market as a whole.

  5. Operate vehicles and equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

 Market Management:

 A Market Committee will be formed to oversee the manage the Sunday Markets. 

They will be responsible for accepting or declining applications based on their best judgement. Following the rules as set out by the BIA.  All vendors must be approved by the committee.

 They will make recommendations to the BIA Board of Directors concerning the market, it’s vendors, dispute settlement, unruly conduct and market rules.

 All applicable fees will be collected by the BIA office on behalf of the Committee, and any market expenses, advertising and promotions will be paid for through fees.

 Vendor cooperation would be greatly appreciated.


 (a)   Health Regulations – all food must be one foot off the ground.

(b)   Egg Regulations – Requirements under Regulation 171/10 – a general prohibition from selling ungraded-eggs, the only exception being for producers who sell directly to consumers on the farm.

(c)   Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables/chairs/shelters etc.

(d)   Vendors are responsible for cleaning their stall area after each market.

(e)   Please allow for 1 week for committee to review applications and make recommendations to the board.

 Vendor Application Form for 2019           Market Vendor __  Farm Vendor____

All vendors are required to complete the following information and send to 161 Raglan St. South,

Renfrew, ON or

 Business Name (if applicable):  ______________________________________________________________________________

 Owner’s Name: _________________________________________________________________

 Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

 Telephone (home)_______________________________________________________________ (cell)__________________________________________________________________________

 Email Address: _________________________________________________  (please print clearly)

 Website: ______________________________________________________________________

 List all product(s)you wish to sell:


 Additional Comments:


 Anticipated first day attending the market: (check box)

May 26 ___   June 2___    9___   16___    23___    29 ___    Other___________

 * I agree to have my picture and /or products appear on the Downtown Renfrew BIA website, social media and any other advertisements for Downtown Renfrew and/or Sunday Markets.

 Fees: once approved, payments are non-refundable.

 Transient Vendors: $25/day (free for the remainder of the season after 5 visits)

 Please direct inquiries to: Downtown Renfrew BIA: or 613-433-6079

 I have read and am fully aware of the current rules and regulations of the DOWNTOWN RENFREW SUNDAY MARKET. 

I hereby agree to comply with these rules and regulations.  I understand that I may forfeit my right to sell at the market should I be found to be in non-compliance.




Community Improvement Plan

Community Improvement Plan

A Community Improvement Plan is a tool to facilitate revitalization, redevelopment and beautification in defined areas of the Town.  Financial incentives may be implemented through a Community Improvement Plan, including grants and/or loans for building facade improvements, commercial signage improvements, landscaping improvements, brownfield (contaminated property) redevelopment and other matters as may be identified through this study.  

Additionally, the Town can prioritize other municipally-led revitalization projects under a Community Improvement Plan, such as streetscape improvements.

Community Improvement Plan

Community Improvement Plan Project Area

Community Improvement Plan - APPLICATION FORM

Interested individuals are required to set up a pre-application consultation meeting with the Department of Development and Works in order to discuss your project eligibility, application requirements, scope of work, project timing and to obtain assistance for filling out the application form.



Background Report - February 2015

Town of Renfrew Community Improvement Plan - Background Report